Welcome to Copperpenny Distilling Co.

Hand Crafted Gin Cocktails Served:

Monday Closed (except for bottle purchases & pickups)
Tuesday to Friday, 3-11 pm
Saturday to Sunday, 1-11 pm

Upcoming Events

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Come Visit Our New Distillery Parlour and Cocktail Lounge on Esplanade in the Shipyards Brewery District of North Vancouver

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Copperpenny Distilling Manifesto

well before “good times” decided to take a two-year hiatus, we had set out to share a revelation – a revelation taught by years of worldly travels and enthusiastic observation:

our most memorable experiences had been formed by the flavours, smells, sights and sounds of the cultures and natural world that had combined to create them in that one special moment.

wanting to better share these memories with friends, we had come to realize that they were often best captured in spirit – quite literally.

and thus, collecting unique bottles during our travels and crafting delicious cocktails became our passion quickly followed by the urge to create our own distilled spirits that best reflected our interpretation of the world around us. 

and so the revelation turned into a revolution:

to capture the essence of life’s best moments in the form of irresistible craft(ed) spirits using only the best local ingredients, leading edge equipment and the most passionate people.

the culmination of this effort is at the heart of copperpenny culture.

the entire team at copperpenny invites you to come by and join us on this journey; and one person, one idea at a time, we hope to create a craft spirit revolution we can all call our own in the new memories we make together. 

Use Hashtag #ThisIsGin

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